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Network Consulting // 01


No matter how small of an organization, anyone who is on the internet today can benefit from our services.


Every day there is a new security breech or threat on the internet. Nations sponsor teams of hackers to steal information and no matter who you are, you can become a victim. Everything is now connected. 


Connected= hacked 

For businesses, the situation gets much worse. You can read the news and find business after business who has had a significant data breech. 


These breaches often cost considerable sums of money to fix if they don't destroy to business itself. We take an offensive approach to network security by looking at the entire system and developing an understanding of how the business works so we can keep you working. 

Let us take our microscope to your network and see where you may be lacking. We will provide a comprehensive report providing the best solutions for your situation with realistic proposals. We will seek first to understand your business, and then be present a solution for you.  

Systems Design // 02


If you already have an IT department, we can still help! Often your professionals are experienced with the "day to day" of network operations, and they are not focused on the new industry trends. 

We work with some of the largest companies in the country to manage their network systems in an efficient manner. 

In addition, we can design your environment so that it can be easily turned over to national or regional service providers who support a 24x7 operational schedule. 

Every customer is unique so we will work with your business to design a solution for your company.

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Incident response // 03


Something is down and you need someone right now.... 

Why are you still reading this and not calling 260-234-0358 now? 

We could be already on the way. 

If your provider is not on call for you, give us a call today and we will make sure when you call we answer! 

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IT Department in a box // 04


We can run every aspect of your business IT no matter if your on the Fortune 10 or 1000. Working with our network of business partners across the country, we can put boots on the ground and resources in position within days notice. 

If your getting sick of vendors pointing fingers at each other, just come on over and let us handle it all for you. There is nothing we can't handle.