We work with some of the largest companies in the world solving some of their biggest challenges, here are some recent projects! 

Client PROJECT //  01

Our client has taken over the lease on a fast food location. Their team will be onsite to review the facility within a week but they need someone to immediately meet and take possession of the building and asses the needs. 

We can meet with your contractors and develop a plan for construction and manage your menus, drive through technology, and installation for POS and server equipment. We can provide music systems, alarm systems, and surveillance as well. 

When you have a location that needs assistance, we can send resources onsite often within the same day to determine the next steps to resolving a technical issue. Maybe your TV array is not working or maybe your overhead paging system is down. We can take care of all of IT.  

Client PROJECT //  02

Your large, national client needs fixtures installed in their new facility. Your team is unavailable to do the install and you pickup the phone to call us. We can put boots on the ground for a survey, pre-install, or any other service you may need. 

Our clients often find a tremendous savings from using us versus having to pay for the travel costs of their own employees as well. 

If you have a large client and you need remote hands across the country, just let us know and we would be more than happy to provide a quote for services.